A Couple of PC Tips

People like PC TipsWhen it comes to computers, it’s typically the os that’s having the problem and not the hardware. To purchase brand-new hardware is pricey and often unnecessary. If your hardware is working, it’s not needed to buy upgrade parts every half year. I know that it’s very appealing to buy new and parts however why waste money on stuff you don’t need. You can do so many other things such as going to a good bistro with your friend or family, instead of spending money on a brand-new graphic card or even more RAM. It is enjoyable to have brand-new things but you can repair your pc totally free.

A couple of great computer tricks to get a much better computer speed are to eliminate unneeded programs. Old programs with out-of-date files can provide you an irregular experience as well as cause other programs to stop working or even crash. You should upgrade these old programs or remove them because why let your computer run with bad programs? There are frequently updates available for your particular program, but if it’s missing you should try to find an option because an old program will not get less old gradually. I think you can find free software’s that work the same way as your old premium software’s.

Other means to make your computer system do much better is to stop unnecessary processes from starting up the exact same time Windows start. That will increase the startup speed. It can be tough to do it manually, and there are better free of cost software application’s you can try such as Wise Cleaner. If your computer takes a long time to start, you must definitely look for a software that can take care of startup programs instead of doing it yourself. Handling system setups is a delicate procedure and numerous errors can happen if it’s done poorly.

If you presume that your computer is infected with a virus, you should really consider removing your anti-virus program. An antivirus program can also use a bunch of system resources that makes various other applications work terribly, so if you have a program that don’t do what it must or makes your pc slow-moving, alter it. There are many free anti-virus programs like AVG, so check it out on Google. If you wish to utilize only complimentary programs that’s possible due to the fact that for every premium program there are lots of cost-free alternatives. I hope you discover this short article valuable and I hope you got some new tips. If you wish to get even more ideas and tricks, check out PCtricks.net!


Boost My Computer Speed

Boost My PCI have been busy lately but now I am back with an update, hope you like it. To get a faster computer speed is what many computer users want, but to really get it, that’s a different story. A computer will not suddenly get a better speed without any involvement from your side, you must deal with it and troubleshoot your computer. There are many things that make a computer slow, so if you decide to check your computer manually, you have hours of work in front of you. But there are easier ways to fix the speed, download a speed up tool.

Where To Find The Right Tools?

You can find many free tools online, but you need to know how serious your speed problem is before you run a tool. Don’t use or download tools from unknown websites, only download programs from real companies and not forums or sharing websites. You want to fix your computer, not give it more problems. It’s safe to use links from CNET and Softpedia, but don’t download torrents or follow file sharing links, if you want to eliminate any chance of malware.

A popular free registry cleaner is CCleaner, you should test it because it has the ability to fix registry errors and remove temporary internet files and other unneeded items. You can also visit Boost PC and get more information about other great speed up tools, both free and premium. Don’t waste your time using a slow computer, there are easy ways you can use, to get back the speed without having to waste a lot of money. It’s both unnecessary and frustrating to deal with a slow computer.

It’s important to clean your computer if you experience a bad performance. Errors can grow into big problems over time, and it can be quite expensive if you lose important files and programs. There’s no reason to let that happen, just take it easy, download a nice tool and press a couple of buttons and a clean up process will start. It’s not hard to fix speed problems if you have the right tool installed, so you don’t have to complicate things messing with your computer system manually.

Other things to think about is computer security, if you have malware on your computer, that can be the speed problem. Malware can really cripple your system and make it extremely slow, so computer security is very important and nothing you should neglect. You can prevent a lot of problems from happening if take care about your computer and keep it healthy.

Why It Is Important To Have A Good Computer Protection!

Computer SecurityThe biggest problem that many computer users face, is when their computer get attacked by malware. A malware can cause a lot of problems in the computer system and erase or corrupt files and programs. If you notice that your computer is getting a sudden slowdown in its performance, you should immediately check your computer system with an antivirus scanner. It’s important that you act as fast as possible to stop the attack from doing too much damage to your computer.

What Can Happen If My Computer Is Infected?

A lot of things can go terribly wrong if your computer is infected with malware. You must make sure you got the best and the latest antivirus program installed and fully updated with the latest features. Don’t act cheap when it comes to computer security, it can become very expensive if you can’t remove malware properly. You should always aim for the best programs and never act reckless when you browse the internet. Common sense is important when it comes to preventing malware attacks.

Online criminals always looking for ways to get pass antivirus protection shields, and to keep up with their malware development, your antivirus protection must get New updates on a regular basis. I don’t tell you this to scare you, I want you to understand how important computer security is, so that you can protect your computer the best way. It’s so unnecessary to open up the door to malware, when you can protect your entire computer system with a mouse click.

Free Software VS Paid Software!

There are many free computer security software’s available online, and I am sure that some of them are good. But why take the risk to use a free software when you can get full protection cheap with a paid software? You should take computer security seriously because getting the wrong protection could kill your budget.

I will post some computer security tips in the future, but that’s all for now here at Tech Methods, and I hope you realize how important computer security is.

The Answer Is Yes! I am A Computer Geek

I used to build PC’s but I don’t work as a computer technician anymore. I still like to choose which parts I want in my PC to get the best performance for the cheapest possible price. If you get the wrong hardware parts, you will have a slow computer to start with, and that’s hard to fix without an immediate hardware upgrade. I know that it’s not easy for everyone to know which part to choose, but ask people at work, at school, friends or ask the guy in the local computer shop what he think is best.

It usually doesn’t have to do with hardware parts, when a computer get problems with speed or other performance issues but with software’s or the operating system. When I think about computer problems, it always have to do with low speed thou. A slow computer doesn’t have to be a big problem, but it’s unnecessary to have this problem when it’s pretty easy to fix.

Other problems usually have to do with a Virus, but as long as your antivirus program is up-to-date, you should be fine. If not, you are asking for trouble. There are a lot of bad people online who like to get their dirty hands on your private and financial information, so use common sense when you browse the internet, malicious websites hide in the shadows.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to scare anyone but a reckless behavior online like downloading files from strange websites or cracked programs from warez sites can cause a lot of problems. It’s always o good idea to think twice before downloading a program from an unknown manufacturer.

I am more of a software geek these days, and the answer is yes, I am a computer geek. I will begin to post some computer guides soon, so come back soon for more updates and news.

Let’s Start A Tech Blog

This is my first post about and I like to write a bit about myself and what I am planning to do here. I have a big interest in tech gadgets and computer stuff, but I will not promote any stuff because my plan is to write informative articles about how to solve computer problems. That’s why I name this blog Tech Methods.

My name is Troy and I am 31 years old. I have been using computer’s since the late eighties and have a lot of experience in both building computer’s and dealing with computer problems such as slow speed, slow internet connection and system errors. I will share my knowledge here and hope to get some feedback.

Every computer user will or have faced some degree of problems with their computer. Windows is a great operating system, but many things can happen during the years as new files and programs are installed. I hope you will learn some things and get some ideas from my guides and articles.

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